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Visual Composer Add-in – Classy JQuery FlipBook

Visual Composer Add-in – Classy jQuery FlipBook



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  • works on iPad, iPhone etc. (does not require Flash Player)
  • tags support in the WYSIWYG editor:
  • – course – h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
    – paragraph – p
    – link – a
    – list – ul, li
    – img and swim right and left to view the image
    Flipbook pages do not support all HTML characters.
    New HTML characters will be added with new updates.

  • reverse book for eastern countries (from right to left)
  • inserting scripts in the section header – only on subpages where the flipcode shortcode is located
  • you can disable / enable individual icons in the administration panel
  • fullScreen icon (works only in FF and Chrome)
  • you can change the magnification by double clicking the mouse
  • you can change the zoom step for zoomIn and zoomOut
  • you can enable / disable precise linking (string at the end of the browser address)
  • flexible design
  • the flipbook does not show the entire page – only 7 pages are displayed / loaded
    (It really improves performance)
  • you can create an unlimited number of flipbooks on one theme
  • unlimited pages for a flipbook
  • double pages
  • show all pages
  • excellent tools for zooming
  • and other…


Version 1.2 – 18/06/2019

+ improvement: problem with firefox

Version 1.1 – 09/04/2018

+ improvement: improvement of work on some servers (category selection)

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