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View Products After A Few Questions. Funnel Module For Questions And Answers

View products after a few questions. Funnel module for questions and answers



It allows you to display products after a few questions / answers defined from the backend. Question / Answer module (Funnel)

New search mode:
More interactive, your customers can quickly view a list of products that match their needs. The search system is used to direct and direct searches.
Your customers are no longer lost to all possible choices, and their search and navigation are simplified.

Choice of questions
Choice of answers
Number and name of customizable steps
Unlimited number of lists: Tree management to an unlimited number of levels
Search in cascade
Free assignment of products
Enhanced user experience: Adding innovative functionality

Reception functions:
For example, if you manage 3 levels of questions and answers:
You can choose a value that will generate a list of possible responses dynamically without reloading the page (Ajax system) according to your tree defined in the module configuration. Same principle for the second question which will generate the third answer list with good values ​​etc.

It makes it easier for users to navigate and improves the interactivity of the website

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