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Snake Sales Booster

Snake Sales Booster




With Snake Sales Booster, you can sit back and watch sales rise!
Snake Sales Booster lets you create pop-ups on a WordPress website. The pop-up will contain the rules game Snake and a pop-up. More user points points – more discount for your product. You can choose the exact amount of the discount, as well as the color and text of the pop-up window, which will attract the attention of users.
It is easy to use and can be customized via the administration panel. The rebate amount that you specify in the settings will be the maximum discount for the user – the amount that the user receives when he obtains the maximum number of points (15) and wins the game. For the user who scored less points, the discount will be proportionally smaller.

Default settings

Pop-up On / Off – on
Show after mouse left window – on
Show after adding to cart – enabled
Redirect link – disabled
Escaping delay – 3 minutes
Rebate life – 2 minutes
Show user popup next time, days – 7 days
Game title – Do you want to win a discount? Play the game Snake!
“I do not agree” button – NO
“I agree” button – YES
Rules – game rules
First rule – use the up, down, right and left buttons to control the snake
Second rule – Do not stick the snake in your tail: you will die
Third rule – You can run through the walls
“Play” button – Play
Title “Congratulations” – CONGRATULATIONS! You won:
Discount,% – 10
Description – The offer will be automatically applied to the basket
“Order” button – Order now
Pop-up color is red


1. You can move the archive file `Snake Sales` to the directory` / wp-content / plugins /`
2. Upload the archive file to the WordPress menu.
3. Activate the plugin through the “Snake Sales Booster” menu in WordPress.
1. You can move the folder “Snake Sales Booster” to the directory `/ wp-content / plugins /`
2. Activate the plugin through the “Snake Sales Booster” menu in WordPress.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do we enable our pop-up window?
A: It is enabled by default. To check it, go to the WordPress menu, go to the Snake Sales Booster tab. Find the “Pop-up On / Off” field and click the check box.

Q: How to restore default settings?
A: In the Snake Sales Booster settings, click “Reset to default settings”. Then click “Save Changes” if you want to apply the changes.

Q: How do I customize the pop-up window?
A: You can add your own values ​​in the input fields. Then click “Save Changes”.

Q: How does the “Show when the mouse exits” option works?
A: If this option is enabled, when the user’s cursor leaves the window, a pop-up window will appear. This function can be enabled / disabled via the settings panel.

Q: How do the “Show after leaving window” and “Show after adding to cart” functions work?
A: If both of these options are enabled, only one action pop-up will be displayed that started first. For example, if a user adds an item to the cart and then moves the cursor away from the window, only “Show when adding to cart” will run.

Q: How can I customize the Snake Sales Booster?
A: All classes are created using the universal prefix “snake_sales_booster”. Thanks to it, the programmer can change the style structure depending on the needs.
All constants, fields and their values ​​are stored in a variable named SnakeSalesBooster.
JavaScript object name – “admin_settings”. Contains all JavaScript code data.

Q: When will the user receive the discount?
A: When the user ends the game, he will see a pop-up window with the winning amount of the discount. Then the discount will be added automatically to his basket.

Q: How is the discount calculated?
A: The discount is calculated depending on the maximum value you enter for it and the number of points scored by the user in the game. For example, if you set a 10% discount, when a user scores 15 points, they’ll get a 10% discount, if you get 10 points – 7%, and so on.
The discount is rounded to a higher value. This was done to avoid fractional numbers, because it does not look good, so we decided to round them. For example, if a user scores 8 points, he will receive a 5.3% discount, but in fact the discount will be 6%.

Q: Does the discount apply to all products in the cart or only one?
A: The discount applies to all products in the user’s basket.

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