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Save For Later Thanks To WooCommerce

Save for later thanks to WooCommerce



Never lose products again

Save now, buy later

Save for Later is a great plugin that allows users to save favorite basket items and buy them later. The plugin adds a link to an item in the basket that, when clicked, will place the corresponding item directly in the list below the summary of the basket. This method is a very fast way to maintain close relationships with customers, without any nuisance or interference!

Log in or Register

Great increase in conversion rate

You must log in to your account to use the maximum capacity of the “Save for later” plugin. If the user is not logged in, the plug-in automatically prompts the user to create an account and register!

This is a great way to ensure repeatability to customers on your site, significantly reduce bounce rates and sell your products effectively, creating a community around your business!

Strong analytical data

For administrators and clients

This plugin also included one of the most important parts of the entire online product sales process: Analytics.

For customers:

Notify customers of price changes directly in their list of saved positions. Any price change since the product was added will be recorded below the price, including the percentage change and the cost when the product is added to the list.

For administrators

The main difference between the “Save for later” and other plugins is that our provides the administrator with extremely useful information that helps create the right marketing campaign for the best-selling products.

The information it provides includes:

  • Number of users using this function
  • Number of products saved in time and currently in baskets
  • Number of saved products that were later purchased
  • Most saved items in the last 30 days
  • Most frequently saved items purchased later in the last 30 days

There is also a comprehensive chart showing the number of items saved and then purchased on a given day since you first turned on this feature. Toggle view of the month, whole year or history of using it.

Business owners can view the necessary data to make informed decisions and choose the right way to profitably scale the business. Thanks to Save for Later, we’ve taken care of your analysis so that you can see the benefits of this plugin!

Dedicated support

Have you encountered any problems? Open a ticket!

Our support team is always here to help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter when using and implementing our product.
We’ve created a dedicated support site where you can open a ticket and communicate one-on-one with technical support.

We are happy to help you in the shortest possible time!

Save for later with WooCommerce - 1

  • Display the “Save for later” link under the title of each product in the basket
  • Save items for registered users in a separate table under the basket
  • When saving items, it redirects unregistered guests to the login page
  • Saved items cover the entire array of basket items for better compatibility with third-party plugins
  • Users can move the item back to the cart with all previously saved data or delete it from the list
  • The “Price” column tracks product price fluctuations, informing customers of an increase or decrease
  • Full statistics page for administrators to track the benefits of the “Save for later” system
  • Fully compatible with WPML, translations and price conversions
  • Contains a PO file for translation
  • Cart template files that can be replaced with a child theme

Save later with WooCommerce - 2

1.0 - 2020-04-20
    - Initial Release

For a full list of changes, see full version log.

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