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Magento 2 Instagram

Magento 2 Instagram



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Instagram has the highest monthly number of active users among social media platforms. Using the Magento 2 store platform is only sensible. That is why Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Instagram extension to integrate the Magento 2 store with Instagram.

Increase traffic to your Magento 2 store. Increase the number of followers and involvement on Instagram. Create a beautiful Insta store in the store. All using the Meetanshi module.

Rich in functions Magento 2 Instagram the extension has 3 pop-up views to choose from, making it an amazing store in store.

Benefits of the Magento 2 extension on Instagram Meetanshi:

  • Display photos on Instagram for the entire store, individual categories or products.
  • To start using the Magento 2 Instagram Shop Integration extension, enter your username and authenticate your Instagram profile by adding an access token.
  • To update Instagram content in the store, add multiple hashtags or use your username to download images.
  • The Instagram feed widget Magento 2 supports three Insta pop-up views:
    • Signature with a hyperlink
    • Product Channel
    • Default Insta view
  • Display images on product and category pages by selecting a username or hashtags from the product and category editing section.
  • Instagram images can be displayed on any of the store’s CMS pages.
  • Limit the number of images displayed on store pages.
  • The product multimedia gallery section and product description section can be used to display Insta images.
  • Show a fixed number of Insta photos on Instagram pages.
  • Easily download and update the list of images from the administration panel with one click
  • Review, approve or delete and edit images on Instagram before displaying them in the admin panel
  • Delete unapproved images in bulk or one by one from the admin panel.

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