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Increase / Decrease Inactivity Of Prams In WooCommerce Reservations

Increase / decrease inactivity of prams in WooCommerce reservations



Compliance of WooCommerce reservations (when the customer keeps the product in the basket, it will not be available to other paying customers on the selected date. Now you can choose how many minutes you want your products that you can reserve to be in the customer’s basket before they are cleaned and re-shared ).

An empty basket has no value for your customers. The fewer rims that make them jump, the more likely they are to convert into a sale. You can even choose to redirect them to a custom page.

Also change the text of the Add to Cart button and the Cost of booking label.

This plugin works like offering to allow users to display the inactivity of the basket for woocommerce reservations on the basket page, which the administrator added in the backend with validity minutes, URL redirection and change of the add to cart button and change of the booking cost label.

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