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Fall Snow Fall – HTML5 Game Construct 2

Fall Snow Fall – HTML5 Game Construct 2



Fall Snow Fall is a simple adventure game in which you take over a snowflake and try to catch other snowflakes to grow, hoping that they will eventually reach the ground.

About the game

Each time the player catches another snowflake, it becomes larger and the game gets a little faster. During the fall, there are also ice blocks that block the way, which the player should avoid to continue to fall. If the player is big enough and does not run into any block, he will reach the ground.

Made in Construct 2, without any third party plugins / behaviors


  • Full game
  • Contains a well-organized capx file with descriptions
  • Simple gameplay
  • Full HD resolution
  • One button control
  • Easy to change skins and add content
  • Supports keyboard, touch and mouse control
  • Background music

What will you get

  • .capx file that contains notes and explanations
  • designing game graphics files (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)
  • documentation
  • Sound files
  • HTML5 games folder

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