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App With Capx Plugins

App with capx plugins



Basic application template with text information, links and special plugins.

No ads

Included plugins:
– Capture from phone camera. (photo or video)
– Microphone plug (audio recording only)
– Dialing a phone number (to create a phone number directly through the application)

Other things included:
– Browser with examples of internet links.
– System saving included and already programmed (to save name, gender and language).
– Enter your name and the system will remember it.
– 2 languages ​​already included (texts in French and English)

There is an example of a simple menu with navigation pages.
In addition, at the beginning we can choose our language, gender and insert our name. The system will keep this in memory until the next connection to the application.
Or you can reset your profile at any time.

The code is very easy to understand with explanations on each line of the template.

Enjoy !

It was part of the entire application in the online store, but because I don’t sell games anymore, I sell some parts of all my templates.

Assets: user interface made and purchased from Nearbirds.

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